Rollin’ on the River (Tonle Sap River, that is)

Before my brothers arrived, we’d been really saving up the “touristy” activities that we wanted to do, so that the four of us could experience such things with maximum enthusiasm.

One of the things we’d been most looking forward to was a boat tour on the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers. Kevin did his usual helpful research and found us a great yet simple boat tour – 1.5 hours, free beer, on a boat just before sunset.

We stood on the roof of a lovely boat with our two tour guides, who told us all about the culture, architecture, changes, and politics of Phnom Penh and the surrounding waterfront communities along the rivers. We were also able to see the Floating Village on the Mekong – houses that sit on bamboo and which rise and lower with the tide. Very cool stuff.

We did our boat tour with Memorable Cambodia, and I’d recommend them to anyone. You can check out their website right here.

Check out the photos we took of us on our tour:



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