Hockey Night in Cambodia


Those of you who know my middle brother, Tyler, know that he’s a diehard hockey fanatic. Like, the whole nine yards – he plays (usually year round), he coaches, he watches, he consumes, and he knows an INSANE amount of information about this sport. Like, if I knew as much about politics as he does about hockey, I’d be in the House of Commons by now.

So, when he was planning his trip to Cambodia, he googled “hockey in Cambodia” to see if he’d get any results back. And he did! As it turns out, for the last 10 years a rotating group of ex-pats and Khmer locals have been meeting weekly on a tennis court in the BKK neighbourhood to play ball hockey.

They bill this as Hockey Night in Cambodia, and they meet up every Thursday at 7pm on the tennis court beside BKK Secondary School (across the street from City Villa hotel on Street 71).

Their website gives the wrong address, so at first we weren’t sure if we’d be able to find the proper location, but google saved us again, and we made it to the game!

Kevin and Tyler played while KP and I cheered from the sidelines. Check out the photos and video footage below:

Be sure to also check out the Hockey Night in Cambodia website and Facebook page!


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