When I first began this blog and tried to write down why I was writing these stories, this is what I came up with:

I’m a very fond of writing emails, but with all the people I want to keep in touch with, email seems like a challenging medium. This blog is kind of like a regular email update to help me share myself with the people that I love.

This is still more or less the case. Several years ago, my partner and I left our jobs in order to work and travel abroad. My plan was to keep my friends and family updated on our adventures while we were away. Though our longer term relocation was cut short due to a serious dental/medical emergency, we are still privileged enough to travel often, and I like to share those photos and stories here. We also love to get out and explore the city that we live in, often seeking out the lesser-known activities and museums available. When we find a hidden gem, we’ll share it here as well. I’m usually the only author here, but I do invite friends and family to share their stories too.

A more recent feature of the site is “travel guides”. I’ve put these together in response to questions from people travelling to places I’ve been, particularly Portugal. There are so many places we’ve been that I love and heartily recommend, so I’m working on writing them down for anyone to use as they explore the world.

This blog is essentially written for my mom and my mom’s friends, but it’s a good memory exercise for me as well, and hopefully will be helpful to others. Thanks for stopping by!