The Museum of the Object of Objects!

After lunch at the San Angel Inn and a quick visit to the Museum of the House/Studio of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, we headed to another interestingly named museum, the Museo del Objecto del Objecto. It translates to ‘the museum of the purpose (or object) of the object’.

This is how Wikipedia describes it:

The Museo del Objeto del Objeto (Museum of the Object [purpose] of the Object [item]), or MODO, is a museum in Mexico City and the first museum in Mexico dedicated to design and communications. It was opened in 2010 based on a collection of commercial packaging, advertising, graphic arts, common devices and many other objects dating back to 1810 collected by Bruno Newman over more than forty years. The museum is dedicated to the preservation of its collection of more than 30,000 items from two centuries, and it is dedicated to the research in the history of design and communications, as well as the promotion of collecting in general. The museum offers workshops, seminars, conferences and other activities intended to promote design and communication.

I love the concept of this museum, which essentially centres on exploring the cultural value of everyday objects. If the current exhibit had been around anything other than soccer, it might have been one of my favourite spots on our trip. As it was, we were able to see a wide collection of soccer-related memorabilia and we learned a fair bit about how the sport’s equipment has evolved with technology.

However, I’d have much preferred a collection of 200+ pieces of equipment from any non-sports related theme. This museum is definitely on the list again for my next trip to Mexico City.

It takes about 30 minutes to see the whole exhibit and the price of the entry ticket was quite reasonable. I definitely recommend this museum, but check the exhibits listing beforehand.

Afterwards we headed across the street for a snack and more wine at a rooftop patio. It was one of my favourite meals from the trip, so I definitely recommend visiting Meroma if you get the chance!

Check out our photos below from MODO and Meroma:


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