Day 6 in Amsterdam – Visiting the Verzetsmuseum (Resistance Museum)

We didn’t take many photos at the Verzetsmuseum, but we did really enjoy it. A museum on the more sombre topic of resistance, the lighting was a bit too dark for taking good photos.

In any case, this was another museum where I learned a lot of new information. The Verzetsmuseum is about Dutch resistance during WWII, when the Netherlands was occupied by German Nazi forces. As you work your way through the exhibits you learn about different groups in Dutch society and how those groups reacted to the outside Nazi threat. You then see how the opinions of these different groups evolved in the face of the bombing of Rotterdam and the Nazi occupation.

Large scale oppression, like other large scale efforts, is often quite administrative, and mundane administrative tasks are quick to implicate those who would describe themselves as passive.

The Verzetsmuseum is about how the occupation began, what it required of the Dutch people, and what daily life was like at that time. It goes into detail to describe how the Jewish-Dutch people were targeted, moved around, and then removed to Concentration Camps. The numbers alone are shocking. You can read more about the Netherlands during WWII here.

The curators of the Resistance Museum do an hto describe that which needed resisting, and it does so in a way that feels honest. The exhibits then go through descriptions of how Dutch people in Amsterdam resisted the Nazis and fought back against the regime in the ways that were available to them. It also talks about those who didn’t resist, and discusses the forces and mentalities that resulted in such failures to act. You can read more about the exhibits here. It’s definitely a museum worth visiting if the opportunity presents itself.

See below for the few photos we took at the museum and throughout the rest of our day.


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