Day 3 in Amsterdam – Visiting the Cat Museum

After visiting the Canal Museum, we planned to head over to the Foam Museum (more on that later). On the way, our walk took us past the Cat Museum, and of course we had to stop in for a visit.

The Cat Museum is properly known as KattenKabinet or “Cat Cabinet”. It’s an art museum located in an old home that is solely focused on exhibiting arts related to cats, cats, and more cats.

As well established cat people, Kevin and I were more than happy to hand over a few euros to explore the house and the collection, and hopefully see a few cats.

As far as museums go, this one is pretty unique, but unfortunately we only saw one real cat while we were there!

The art collection is pretty cute, and they have a lovely outdoor space that includes seating areas and more cat art. We paid 7 euros each to get in, which probably isn’t worth it unless you really love cats, but we do, so it was.

You can see the whole collection in under 30 minutes, and it’s also pretty interesting to walk through the house. After spending so much time in awe of the canals and the houses along them, it was nice to get inside and get an additional perspective.

If you’re looking for a cute, quick and quirky museum to visit, you should definitely consider stopping by KattenKabinet! See below for our photos!

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