Day 3 in Amsterdam – Pride & the Canal Parade!!

We happened to arrive in Amsterdam during their week long Pride festivities. Our second full day in the city was the day of the famous “Canal Parade”. In most other cities, Pride parades take place as a march through the streets, but this parade taps into the city’s fantastic canal network, and thus both the streets and the waterways are packed for the event.

We were cautioned by many people to prepare ourselves for loads of traffic and crushing crowds, but we found those warnings were a bit over zealous. Yes, there were big crowds, but movement was only restricted in a small area. We spent most of this day visiting museums, but we did stop by the Pride events a few times to check out the incredible floats, music, performers, and crowds.

You can learn more about Amsterdam Pride right here, and you can see photos below from our time at the event!


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