Day 2 in Amsterdam: Hungry Birds Food Tour!

The best thing about our trip was that Kevin planned all of it, and I just had to show up.

We didn’t know much about Amsterdam before we arrived in the city, so we started off our first full day with a food tour. I’d never been on a food tour before, but I definitely recommend it. We learned a lot from our guide, Esther, about the city’s history and food culture, and the route she took us on helped to give us a good foundation for how to navigate our way around the city for the rest of our trip.

The tour we went on was run by a company called Hungry Birds. It’s owned and operated by 3 young Dutch women who love food and love their city. They offer a variety of tour packages, and we opted for the day time experience.

So, what’s a food tour? How does it work? It’s pretty much what it sounds like. We met up with Esther and 8 other tourists, and then we walked around the city to a variety of pre-selected locations, stopping at each one for a bite to eat. The tour is curated to show you the range of food culture in Amsterdam, and at each location we learned the significance of that spot and how it relates to Dutch culture. We also met many local business owner-operators and tried many authentic local spots and foods that we would not have found on our own. After all that eating and walking, we all grabbed a drink in a bar and received more recommendations from Esther for other places to try.

So where did we go? Photos are below to show it all!

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