We’re in Amsterdam!

Last week was my birthday, and we celebrated by getting on a plane and heading to Amsterdam. Beginning in the fall, I’ll be going back to school, starting a part-time MBA program. With work and school, we realized our schedule would be pretty tight, so we wanted to get in one last vacation before my return to school. Considering that our Madrid trip feels like it was yesterday, I am a very, very fortunate person.

And so here we are in Amsterdam! We’re getting much more sleep here than we did in Spain, but we’re doing just as much walking, and seeing just as many museums. Below are some early photos, and I’ll be working on writing more while we’re here (and of course while we’re back).

So far, we’re having a great time. Amsterdam has a magical quality that I’ve never quite experienced, and just being here is surreal. See below for a few photos from our first afternoon in Amsterdam!

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