Toronto Adventures – An Assortment of Weekend Activities

We’ve been back in Toronto since July, and having a blast. Though we’ve been pretty tied up with work and back-to-school prep (for me), and fostering with the Annex Cat Rescue, we’ve also found time to explore the city.

Typically we spend our weekends on long walks, punctuated by food and wine.

Below are the photos we’ve taken on our adventures around Toronto, including some of our favourite places to go and eat. They’re pretty random, so I’ve added comments to each photo to explain what’s going on. We took way more photos than this, but I’ve only included photos of our favourite or most common activities & places to go.

Of everything listed below, the most bizarro thing we did was go to the Swansea neighbourhood to see their popular Halloween decorations. While we were there we ended up meeting the guy who’s been fighting with the city over his treehouse. We actually went into his backyard and saw the infamous treehouse!

Photos & comments on other adventures are all below:


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