We Moved! And Decorated!

This post is primarily for my mom’s friends, who haven’t seen our new place yet.

Kevin and I moved back to Toronto at the beginning of July, and have spent the past few months focused on setting up our new home together.

We also got back into fostering with the Annex Cat Rescue, which you can read more about over here.

In my experience, moving is one of those situations where you realize just how wonderful and helpful family support can be. I’ve never moved without my brother, Tyler, travelling some far-ish distance to help me move (read: move most of my stuff for me). And having now moved out of my parents’ house 3 times, it’s clear that I never leave without taking (re-purposing!) a bunch of their stuff.

Like a fool, I was planning to paint our entire place by myself. Kevin’s mom insisted that we let their family help us, and thank goodness for that. In my allotted paint-the-whole-condo time, I managed only to paint our closet and bedroom. The Saturday after we moved in, Kevin’s mom, Aunt, and Uncle came over to help us paint. 12 hours later, our place looked amazing!

So, we made a big move. And our place looks great (in my opinion), but it wouldn’t look nearly this great without the love and care of our families.

Anyways, here are some photos to show you how it all looks. Be forewarned, Kevin is in the photos which means I took the photos, so they’re a tad blurry.

The only remaining decoration project is the closet, which will be resolved soon. In case you’re wondering where some of our furniture came from, the yellow chair, wine rack, bed, and kitchen table, and patio set were all “re-purposed” from our families. The couch, chairs, bookcases, and desk came from Ikea. The dressers and bar table were picked up at vintage/antique stores on Queen St W. The light in our bedroom comes from Morba on Queen St W. The rug and pillows came from wayfair.ca. Our glass coffee table and side table came from Home Sense (but versions of this are being sold everywhere right now). The pink stools came from Design Republic, also on Queen St W.

2 thoughts on “We Moved! And Decorated!

  1. Heather the place looks amazing. But I have a question. Is there a door for the bedroom or is it just open like that? The view from the balcony is very nice.


  2. hey Kim! The bedroom has sliding doors. They slide out to form the corner of the bedroom. We had them closed all the time when all the kittens were here, but now they are mostly open.


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