Dream, Girl Field Trips: We went to the White House!!

** Updated to include more photos of people other than just me 🙂

I’m currently writing this from my gate at Pearson Airport. My computer and phone are both charging because I forgot to plan ahead for battery power while travelling. I also forgot my business cards, once again.

I’m heading to New York City this morning to join my university gal pals as we watch the world premiere of Dream, Girl, a documentary produced by our very own best friend, Komal Minhas.

The fun thing about being 26 is that all your friends who were totally floundering at 22 (and we talked about it non. stop.) are coming into their own with amazing achievements and careers, and accomplishing their dreams.

Of course, I’ve already seen Dream, Girl. I saw it’s first ever public screening on May 26th when my family and I roadtripped to the White House!

I bought my ticket to the New York premiere the day they went on sale, but with a trip to DC for a screening, I wasn’t sure I’d make it to New York City as well. But after seeing the documentary, and realizing that in NYC I’d be watching this incredible story about female CEOs with some of the most powerful and creative women that I know, the premiere event was no longer optional. I booked my flight to New York just a couple of days after returning home from DC.

I’ll back up a second here though, to remind you that we went to the White House!!!

Through the type of creative hard work, charm, and networking that characterizes so many of Komal’s achievements, Dream, Girl was screened at the White House for family, friends, and public. It was a pre-event for the United State of Women Summit being held this week.

When Komal told me about the screening, and I told Kevin and my parents, we all immediately agreed that we should go. I mean, you don’t say no to an opportunity to go to the White House.

And so on Thursday May 26th, the four of us piled into my mom’s cushy SUV and drove to DC at 6am. It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful scenic drive. We arrived in DC to check quickly into our hotel, get changed, and then Uber over to the White House!

Seeing familiar faces in foreign places is one of the great joys of life, and I was so pleased to see that so many of our friends had made the trek to DC to support Komal and her co-producer Erin in their White House debut.

The documentary, as expected, was excellent in every way. Not only was it beautifully produced, but it shines a light on some of the most incredible business women you could imagine. It’s inspirational, educational, heart warming, and so much more. I am so grateful and so glad that this film exists.

After dinner, my family and I went for dinner at a great restaurant called Vidalia, and had some truly eye-opening conversations about entrepreneurship, women in business, and the power of helping your network to succeed. We spend a lot of time at our house talking about business, but it’s rare that we have deep conversations about the challenges and achievements of women in business. For me, that alone was worth the drive.

We didn’t take many photos that day, but those we did are attached below.

I’m hopping on my flight now, and will be in NYC soon to check out Dream, Girl’s World Premiere and surround myself with the infectious excitement of women accomplishing their dreams.



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