Day 7 Recap: golf & food & magic, oh my!

Friday was our last day in the Disney parks, but the day started early for my Dad, Tyler, and Kevin. They were up at the crack of dawn for a round of golf. Though it was cut short by rain, their 12-hole golf round brought them tons of joy, evident when my mom and I met them for lunch – they were drinking champagne!

After taking a short time to relax, we took a quick trip to Epcot (to view the “Canada” video – if the Disney people are reading this, it needs updating and more Drake!) before going to dinner at the Flying Fish Cafe (thanks to Aunt Elaine for the recommendation!). Our dinner was top notch. We left to check out the Electrical Light Parade at the Magic Kingdom and go on a few more rides before our trip was over. It was easily the loudest parade I’d ever seen, but we did get to go to the Hall of Presidents one last time, so the noise was somewhat worth it.

Our evening wrapped up at “Top of the World” bar, on the roof of the Bay Lake Towers resort nearby. A few drinks and many stories later, and we were home to bed.

The suitcase is now packed, and we’re about to check out of our hotel. Flying home tonight means we have the majority of today for some additional adventures!

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