Day 6 Recap: Animals & Deliciousness

On Thursday we went to the Animal Kingdom theme park. We also ate quite a bit of delicious food.

I hadn’t really planned on going to the Animal Kingdom, but Kevin heard there were giraffes and gators and got so stoked that we had to go. We saw lions, gorillas, fish, giraffes, monkeys, birds, rhinos, hippos, zebras, and much more. Kevin took a TON of photos and even some cool videos to share the memories.


Beside the Animal Kingdom is a hotel/resort called the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We dropped in to check out their view of the animals, and also stumbled upon a restaurant called Sanaa. According to their ‘bit’ they serve South African food, influenced by Indian flavours. Stoked to eat something flavourful and different from the typical Disney fare, we ordered a ton of food and devoured it all. Having rarely seen his kids eat anything more exotic than chicken fingers with sauce, my dad was in complete awe as we ripped apart naan and came down on all the various dressings in what can only be described as a feeding frenzy.

After lunch, we also saw some zebra mating rituals, also fortunately captured on video:

That evening, we went for dinner at a restaurant known for its wine selection, Artist Point, at the Wilderness Lodge hotel. Again we had wine for our appetizers and again for our dinner, stretching out our dining experience and enjoying some great wines from Washington state.

For photos of all that and more, see below:


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