“the word of the day is fakades…”

… that’s what Tyler told Kevin on Sunday morning after we entered and began exploring Disney’s “Magic Kingdom” park. We quickly realized he meant ‘facades’ and had a good laugh. But he’s right on about that being the word of the day. The Magic Kingdom is a imagination-driven park, designed to present a variety of illusions and fantasies and magical experiences. This often means that things, particularly buildings, will look one way, and be another. Streets that look like old-timey shops and apartments are often long stores or restaurants or rides. As Kevin pointed out, “simulacra” is also an apt term.

In any case, we kicked off our day with Sunday brunch at the Grand Floridian resort, followed by a day at the Magic Kingdom. We busted out our best Algarve-style saunter, and spent lots of time wandering and looking at things. Later in the evening, after a break/rest, we went back for 2 hours, at a time when the park was mostly empty.

This was good because there were no lineups, because Kevin was finally able to see a crowd-free area (it has been SO busy everywhere this weekend!), and because Kevin met Mickey Mouse!

As we were leaving the Magic Kingdom at 11:55pm last night, I noticed that a “meet a character” attraction was still open. We popped over, and were the last in line (a very short line!) to meet Mickey Mouse “backstage” for the night!

This was a totally bizarre experience. Kevin wasn’t even sure who Mickey Mouse was 3 months ago, and this Mickey actually spoke! We were all a bit flabbergasted, in awe, creeped out, etc. It was a lot to take in, and it was a great top off to a jam packed day of looking at unreal things.

Check out the photos below – Kevin’s photo taking skills are back in full-force 🙂

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