Blog Housekeeping

My previous blog post was my 50th entry here. Kinda crazy to imagine.

A few weeks before, I ran out of space for uploading photos, and had to upgrade from my free blog to a paid $100 per year hosting fee. That got me more space for hosting photos, along with a custom URL.

You may have noticed that has now become

It’s a small change, but a change nonetheless. A proper blog with its very own URL (and 40 followers!) deserves more love and attention than I’ve been giving lately. I have a long list of backlogged posts, all of which will be posted in the next month.

I’ve now been in Portugal since January 4th. I shared the posts & photos of my March trip to Canterbury, but now I’ll be going back to January and sharing the photos & stories of my Portugal adventures in chronological order.

I hope you’re excited, because there are many interesting stories to share. From Kevin’s dental recovery to interesting day trips around the Algarve to our daily routine and my brother Tyler’s 2 week trip to visit us, I have a lot of stories to tell.



One thought on “Blog Housekeeping

  1. I love all your stories Heather. I saw Tyler’s photos. He had some amazing pictures. Plus I have enquired about Kevin and his dental problems. I hope things go well on that front for you.



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