I’ll be home for Christmas!

Seriously, people. Plans have come together in such a way that makes it both possible and useful for me to be back in Ontario for Christmas!

This was something I was hoping to do for a couple of months now. And, as it turns out, Kevin and I are rapidly running out of passport pages. To get new passports from here would be a 30 day ordeal that involved mailing our passports to Bangkok. So, to Canada we go! My December will be all about passports and perogies and parties!

I’ll be there first, in early December, and Kevin will be there shortly thereafter. After Christmas, I have to get back to this part of the world. My stuff is here, and so is my job. I’m already working on some other exciting travel plans that will bring me back to Southeast Asia with a couple of friends. More details on that soon 🙂

And hopefully I’ll be seeing some of you very soon!!

4 thoughts on “I’ll be home for Christmas!

  1. I am so excited that you both are coming home for Christmas. And I know that your mother is thrilled. I can’t wait to see you so you can tell me more stories. lol Have a safe flight. See you soon.


  2. Glad to hear you will be home with family over Christmas, and able to get your batteries recharged. You have been watching the weather in the Niagara Peninsula, no doubt. It is cold here in Minnesota, and snowing. Our Thanksgiving tomorrow will be hectic, with traffic snarls and flight cancellations, but we are used to that! Lyn and I just returned from a Lisbon to Rio cruise, and a respite from the cold. Yes!!!

    Love from the Minnesota Sawchuks

    Ronald J. Sawchuk, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus

    University of Minnesota


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