An update on Jean Luc Picard: a lion in paradise

Those of you who know us super well know that Kevin and I have a complete and total obsession with our cat, the beautiful lion that we call Jean Luc Picard.

If you’ve ever or heard him in a vehicle (mad whining, people!) you know that he is 100% not fit for air travel. So, where the heck is he?


Though we never really had a consistent pet growing up (we had a dog for a small period of time, then cycled through various birds and hamsters), we were never a true pet-having family. When we told my family that we’d be moving to Cambodia for awhile, we were surprised and very pleased when my parents offered to take in our Jean Luc. And we’re more happy about that everyday, because we get regular updates from the family about him. And believe me, people, that cat is living. the. life.

Here is a sample of the things Jean Luc Picard does on a regular basis:

  • naps in one of his two beds that are placed on a table at window height. Of course, the beds match the decor in their corresponding room.
  • Drinks water from a special bowl that keeps the water moving. This is because they kept letting him drink out of the sink, and he got used to the moving water and now refuses to drink from a regular bowl
  • Goes outside for walks on a leash
  • Sits with my mom on the deck while she reads
  • Comes running to greet someone whenever they come home
  • Takes turns alternatively sleeping on my parents’ laps while they watch TV from the couch
  • Sits in the washing machine while my mom folds laundry
  • Chases bugs and snakes in the garden
  • Freaks out when he sees birds or squirrels through the window
  • Naps. All the time. #catlife

Here’s a video of his newest toy:

In addition to photos and videos, my mom also shares some great anecdotes:

Luc did a bad thing yesterday. He was on the bathroom counter while your dad was shaving and the cupboard door was open. He took his little paw and knocked out the whole glass container of Q-tips. Glass everywhere. Nicked the granite. Dad picked him up quickly so he would not cut himself. Too much, too early.

– September 21, 2014

Well yesterday Jean Luc had a very interesting day.
He bit his first snake. I thought he had killed it. It curled up really tight and didn’t move for a long time. When Luc bit him, he released some kind of warning odour. The lion didn’t like it and jumped back up on the deck. Lol. Not a noticeable smell but I googled to see if it would hurt him. Nope.
After dinner, Miss Kitty, the cat from across the street made an appearance by the back kitchen door. Luc was very upset by this. The hair on his back raised up and he hissed and let out a mean yowl. Miss Kitty was scared through the door. She wouldn’t go away though and so I went out there and chased her away. Can’t have her upsetting out lion now. She came again later but Tony chased her away. I will have to keep an eye on that. Douse her with the hose.

– July 30th, 2014

Last night we had a big thunderstorm and I picked him up and cradled him in his favorite blanket and he buried his head. Then Tony took blankets and covered the coffee table and made a cave for him.  He stayed in there until the storm passed. Poor little guy.

– September 6th, 2014

Clearly he’s in good hands – thanks Mom and Dad!!

See photos here:



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