We have an apartment!

On my brothers’ last day in Phnom Penh, we moved into our apartment. It’s been a nice change from living in a hotel out of a suitcase, constantly unpacking and then repacking.

Now that we’re properly settled in, I decided I should actually share this with you! We’ve been slow to settle in, first buying hangers and baskets, then hanging up some artwork and few weeks later. Now that we’re settled, here it is!

We live on the Phnom Penh Riverside, on a street technically named Sisowath Quay. Interested in sending mail? Contact me for our, though we’ve never received mail here, so we’re not quite sure what to expect from a mail system in this city. I have no idea what our postal code is, and I’ve actually never even seen someone delivering mail in Phnom Penh. So, we’ll see.

As for how we like our apartment? We think it’s great. It’s way too big for us, and the high ceilings combined with the tiled floor make it pretty echo-y. It’s almost impossible to hear what each other are saying from another room; shouting a conversation is both frustrating and impossible. It’s also intensely dark in the apartment at night, which makes it downright creepy sometimes, especially because every little sound is magnified.

However, the view is spectacular. We sometimes sit out there for hours watching the traffic. Crazy things we’ve seen so far:

– a woman in very high heels and small shorts trekking across the promenade just to pee on the stairs beside the river

– a large truck full of bricks with several Cambodians sleeping on top of the brick pile (while the truck is moving, of course)

– a large truck with a tarp in the truckbed, filled with water and living, moving fish

– cute puppies being chased around by children

– a daily exercise class, attended by 40+ Cambodian women of all ages… think Richard Simmons, but outside. Amazingness.

Bonus: we have air conditioning! We have an a/c unit in our bedroom and in the living room. We mostly use the one in the bedroom, and the room keeps cool for hours after it’s been turned off. Now that we have a place, book your ticket and come visit us!!


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