Part 2 of our Philippines Trip: El Nido, Palawan – Staying at the Golden Monkey Cottages

During our time in El Nido, we took so many darn pictures that I’m going to break our El Nido stay into several posts in order to keep things somewhat sensible and interesting.

So, let’s start with where we stayed while there. Later I’ll be covering El Nido itself, as well as the tours we embarked on. While in El Nido, we stayed at a great place called Golden Monkey Resorts. It was well reviewed on Trip Advisor, relatively inexpensive, and not too far from downtown El Nido. So, we stayed in an Ocean View Cottage on the weekend with Anne, and then switched to a less luxurious Garden View Cottage for the remainder of the week. The ocean came into view after walking 5 steps from our cottage anyways, and there were ample Ocean View seating areas anyways.

The cottages were lovely, with great bathrooms, and mosquito nets to keep us safe from any bugs at night (though there weren’t many). Electricity was on from only 2pm to 6am, meaning we had cold showers in the morning and warm showers in the evening – but when the water pressure is always good, you can’t complain! We ate breakfast on our front porch every morning, and drank our coffee sitting by the water’s edge, overlooking the still lagoon.

The walk to town took around 15 minutes and was always beautiful and filled adventure (sometimes cows in the lane at night, sometimes baby cows in the field drinking milk from their mom). Either way, Golden Monkey Cottages were the perfect quiet addition to our week and a half of relaxing in Palawan.

Of course, the Cottage resort was chock full of animals – cats and dogs, always looking for attention! Check out the photos below!

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