Part 2.1 of our Philippines Trip: the town of El Nido

There’s a lot to say about El Nido, but wikitravel says it better, so I’ll direct you there to begin.

When we were planning our trip to the Philippines, my friend Anne suggested we go either to Boracay, with its beautiful beaches and big parties, or to El Nido, “Boracay for grownups”.

Hoping to avoid the throngs backpackers, denoted by these wacky pants they always wear, I decided we’d go to El Nido. Though we stayed a short walk outside outside of the small remote town, we spent quite a bit of time in El Nido proper, enjoying their variety of bars and restaurants in the town and along the beach. We (read: Kevin) were especially captivated by the unique variety of fresh fish offered up each day. We also couldn’t get enough of the view of the limestone cliffs and crystal clear bay from the beach.

Weirdly enough, we also discovered one of the best Mexican food restaurants we’ve ever eaten at, the Lonesome Carabao. The local community centre type place Art Cafe was another local spot where we spent a fair bit of time – they make their own ice cream!!

Check out the photos below of our time in El Nido – mostly photos of the El Nido beachside, and us eating food (typical).


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