Birthday Cake!

For the past week, we’ve been in the Philippines, where our internet access has been woefully limited. That said, it’s well worth the isolation, because we’re actually in paradise right now. Google “El Nido, Palawan” and then start planning your own trip. It’s outrageously beautiful here. So, we’ll have many, many photos to share once we’re back in a city, but for now a quick post about my birthday cake.

Those of you who really truly love me know that my birthday was last Saturday, August 2nd. This year on my birthday, I received something truly unique – a birthday cake, a continent away!

My bff Rebecca writes an awesome food blog over at and for my birthday she baked me a cake and blogged about it! And not just any cake, but a carrot cake cheesecake. When she asked what my favourite type of cake was, I couldn’t decide whether I preferred carrot cake or mascarpone cheesecake, so she found a way to combine the two. Check out the photos below, and check out her blog as well. It’s a one stop shop for tasty yet healthy recipes that will have you rushing for the kitchen.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Cake!

  1. That cake looks amazing. I hope your cake with Kevin was just as good. You looked very happy in that photo. We all missed you at your dad’s party but we had a good time anyway. lol
    Be safe.


  2. Thanks Kim! The cake with Kevin was delicious. We missed being at Dad’s party as well. We’ll have to party twice as hard the next time I’m home 🙂


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