Cats in the restaurant!

No, I was not eating cats, people. We found a restaurant with some feline residents!

I was a bit skeptical about the value of TripAdvisor reviews, but Kevin and I have been following their restaurant reviews with much success, working our way through the most recommended restaurants in Phnom Penh. The food in this city is really incredible – each restaurant we try seems better than the last. This week we checked out a restaurant called L’Orchidee, run by a french expat and his Cambodia wife. The food, once again, was spectacular.

The restaurant was a bit difficult to find, but was well worth the venture to get there. In addition to the great food, we were treated to a lovely open patio location, where the owners’ cats graced us with their presence. We’ve been missing our pet lion back home, Jean Luc Picard, so it was a great treat to get our crazy cat person on at L’Orchidee.

There were even kittens! How can one not freak out about kittens?! SO cute. In hopes of scoring some food, one of the cats sat up tall on the chair beside us, making the occasional meow (of course we snuck him a shrimp head). Check out some photos of the cuteness (sorry if some/most are hard to see):

3 thoughts on “Cats in the restaurant!

  1. Hello friends! Just wanted to drop a message to let you know Kyle and I have been keeping up with your blog and it looks like you are having a wonderful time! And the food – uuhh, looks delicious! Give the cats a little scratch from us.

    Keep safe and have fun!
    Lindsay and Kyle xo


  2. Jerry – you need to look up the Cat Cafe in Toronto – coming soon!

    Lindsay and Kyle – so lovely to hear from you! We are having a blast but missing you both as well. Kevin has given the cats plenty love from all of us at this point, haha. Many more pictures to come – he’s photo-crazy.


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