Phnom Penh, Cambodia – we made it!

On Friday afternoon, around 4pm, our flight landed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Surprisingly, the weather here is much more pleasant than the weather in Bangkok. It’s hot, but it’s much less humid, which is a welcome change after only 3 days of sweating it out in Bangkok. Flying into the city, as you can see, it’s a much less smaller city than Bangkok. That said, he traffic here is pretty wild and I’ve yet to see a traffic light. Want to cross a busy street? Look for a gap, and stop walking. Remarkably, oncoming traffic (which isn’t really going fast, and mostly consists of motorcycles anyways) will actually stop for you … a weird thing to get used to.

Anyways, we haven’t taken many photos here yet, but this place is so interesting that photos are necessary for further stories. I’ll have more soon!

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