Maggie Choo’s

Before leaving Toronto, I was told by a few different people that Bangkok boasts an awesome jazz scene. We got our first taste of this on our last night in Bangkok at a place called Maggie Choo’s.

Maggie Choo’s is a restaurant/cocktail bar in the basement of a Novotel in Bangkok. That doesn’t sound interesting, but it is. Beneath said Novotel, Maggie Choo’s is located in a former underground vault of the East India Company, which makes for one unique and cool location. The bar food was nothing special, though we can’t speak for the full menu. The drinks were delicious and interesting. The atmosphere itself was really the main show here. We drank at the bar while listening to some great jazz music, in a space reminiscent of those speakeasy type bars that are getting attention in North America these days. On top of all that, they had the nicest bathrooms that I’ve encountered on my trip thus far!

For a much better description of Maggie Choo’s, check out this link right here. This other link also includes video footage of the bar and restaurant, which is worth watching.

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