Water Library – Thonglor

On our second day in Bangkok, we dined at an incredible restaurant called Water Library. The internet tells me that it has multiple locations, and that we went to eat at the Thonglor location.

This place absolutely blew our socks off. Drinks, service, and food were all just excellent.

Known as a cocktail restaurant, Water Library has a great list of interesting and delicious cocktails, but what really set this place apart was the presentation of said drinks. Lots of flair – including some kind of crazy ice/smoke type situation.

The food was also pretty great. I don’t remember specifics on what we ate – some kind of duck, and some kind of steak, plus a charcuterie plate. Anyways, if you’re ever in Bangkok, you should go here, because it’s delightful. I definitely plan to go back in the future – come visit me, and we can go together!


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