Vaccinations in Bangkok

Anyone who’s ever gone through the travel vaccine process in North America knows that it costs a fortune, and that some vaccines are more pertinent than others. So, when it came for me to get all vaccinated up, I opted to press pause. Knowing I’d be starting my travel adventures in Bangkok, we did some research, and decided to get most vaccines done at a hospital there instead, and that’s we did just that this week. Before leaving Toronto, I opted only to get my Hepatitis A shot

An awesome blog post that we found led us to get our vaccines at the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute in central Bangkok. It was only a 20 minute walk from our hotel near the Chong Nonsi BTS. Bonus: the hospital also had a snake farm! Not only did we get vaccinated – we also saw some pretty crazy snakes.

The whole vaccination process took about an hour, and cost $60 for the two of us. Total cost included:

– 1 Typhoid Vaccine (would’ve cost roughly $50 in Toronto)

– 2 Japanese Encephalitis Vaccines (would’ve cost roughly $800 in Toronto)

– 2 Rabies Vaccines (would’ve cost roughly $360 in Toronto)

Kevin and I both agreed that the nurses who did the injections were the best injectors we’ve ever encountered. So from my experience, vaccines in Bangkok mean less cost and less pain.

The Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, in addition to being an old and beautiful building, also does venom research, which is why they have a super cool snake farm in the hospital courtyard. Who knew hospital visits could be so fun?


One thought on “Vaccinations in Bangkok

  1. Hey Heather! I’m so glad that you found our post helpful and that you were able to get your vaccinations in Bangkok. The difference in cost between Canada and Thailand is incredible, especially since the injections and the quality of care is the same. I hope you had an amazing time in Thailand and thanks for linking back to our post! 🙂


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